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The Miami Dolphins are off to a perfect start , which they know guarantees nothing.Before now, the most recent season where the Dolphins started 2-0 ended up with them missing the playoffs. And the last time they started 0-2, they actually went to the postseason.So starting with two wins 鈥?one of only seven NFL teams to do that this season, plus sitting alone atop the AFC East for good measure 鈥?obviously beats any alternative fate at this point in the season, though Dolphins coach Adam Gase wasn't exactly spending time figuring out how to distribute playoff tickets on Monday."I've been 6-0 and not made the playoffs," Gase said. "It doesn't matter."Gase was an assistant coach with the 2009 Denver Broncos, who rolled into their bye week 6-0, winning by an average of 11.1 points per game. They came back from the bye and lost eight of their final 10 games.Lesson learned.The Dolphins were last 2-0 in 2013, actually winning their first three that year before sputtering to an 8-8 finish. Gase's first season in Miami was 2016, those Dolphins started 0-2 and 1-4, and made the playoffs regardless."You've got to play every week, you've got to reset it every week, you've got to work to get better, try not to be a team that's up and down, try to be consistent Davon Godchaux Jersey ," Gase said. "You're going to lose games in this league. That's why there's only been one undefeated team that's ever won it all and another undefeated team didn't win the last game 鈥?so nobody really cares."To be clear, he wasn't drawing any parallel to the 1972 perfect Dolphins or the 2007 New England Patriots team that went 16-0 in the regular season and wound up losing the Super Bowl to the New York Giants.Gase knows this team has to get better, with much to clean up before playing host to the Oakland Raiders (0-2) on Sunday. And although he insi1sts that what's said outside the Dolphins' facility doesn't matter, some players are finding a bit of satisfaction knowing that Miami might already been exceeding the gloom-and-doom expectations they heard about coming into the year."Yeah, we're proving some guys wrong," Dolphins receiver Jakeem Grant said. "But at the end of the day, we're playing for each other. We're here, we have a higher standard and we feel like we have to be devoted to those standards 鈥?push, push, push in every practice. Great practices lead to great games. Some people saying we'll have a negative record, it's motivating, like, 'OK, we'll see.'"It's the second time that all three of Florida's NFL teams 鈥?Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay 鈥?have all started 2-0. The other was in 1997.Gase shrugged off any talk of how the Dolphins are ahead of division rivals New England , Buffalo and the New York Jets 鈥?the team Miami beat 20-12 on Sunday. He raved about quarterback Ryan Tannehill's accuracy through two games, the third-and-19 catch by running back Frank Gore that sealed Sunday's win, or the multi-layered effort that the Dolphins' defense made to keep the Jets out of the end zone on the final play of the first half.To him, that's what matters.Hearing about having a one-game lead in the AFC East with 14 left to play only was worthy of an eye roll."If you ask half these guys, they probably don't even know," Gase said. "They don't care. I mean, it doesn't mean anything. The division stuff right now is so irrelevant. ... No one cares what you're doing right now. When it's December and it's really coming down to the end, half the time you don't even care then. You're just playing games and trying to win them all."It’s time t 52a13986f6eb1866d5fe9f1239aa1204.jpg o move on from the Miami Dolphins backup quarterback discussion It’s time to move on from the backup quarterback discussion. At this point, it is a waste of time and energy when we could be talking about something else. Even this column, 611 words deep, spends too much time talking about it. But, I hope this will show you why we should all move on. That’s because if we are talking about it as a long-term solution at any point in this season, we may as well just start looking ahead to the 2019 NFL Draft. That’s the reality of this situation.Let’s look at both situations. Keenum played most of the season, but the Vikings are and were built on an elite defense. Keenum had to simply manage the game without losing it for them. While he did show flashes, he has essentially been a backup his entire career. There is a reason for this. There is also a reason why the Vikings let Keenum go and instead chased an outsider Akeem Spence Jersey , Kirk Cousins. When the Eagles were 10-2, Nick Foles took over in the third quarter in their December tilt against the Los Angeles Rams. The Eagles won, 43-35 and clinched the NFC East. They only had to beat the struggling New York Giants in Week 15 and then the Oakland Raiders in Week 16 to clinch the top spot in the NFC. They did, and Foles didn’t play the full game in Week 17 against the Dallas Cowboys. Thus, opponents had very limited film on Foles with the Eagles, and when they got to the Super Bowl, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson added plenty of new wrinkles to keep the New England Patriots off balance. That’s all without even taking the stingy Eagles defense into account.With that, you’ll see why long-term success in the NFL with a backup quarterback is unlikely. If you are successful, it’s because you have an elite defense that can carry the team. So, if God forbid, Ryan Tannehill goes down with a season-ending injury, the Dolphins season will be lost.That’s why, at that point, the discussion won’t necessarily be around which backup quarterback can lead Miami to the playoffs. It will be about who the Dolphins can draft in the 2019 draft to replace Tannehill. Hypothetically, with three injuries , the Dolphins would not be able to rely on Tannehill as their franchise quarterback moving forward. But don’t tell Head Coach Adam Gase that the season would be lost. “Really, at the end of the day, we talk about that being one of the most important positions in professional football. Our thought process is we’re going to try to develop guys and get them ready to go and if we ever have any situation where we need the next guy to get up, we want to make sure we have the right guy. We’re going to keep working with the two guys we’ve got.”While the coaches and players won’t give up, the reality of the situation will be staring at all of us in the face. That’s why the Dolphins backup quarterback discussion, when discussed in the context of a long-term situation for this season, is a waste of time. If it’s a situation where you’re talking about it for a few weeks, that is a different story. Long-term? Not worth it.Unless of course, the Dolphins catch lightning in a bottle.Matthew Cannata is the host of Phinsider Radio, which you can hear on iTunes and other podcast platforms. During the season, shows will be released after the Dolphins games have concluded and on Wednesday mornings. Follow him on Twitter: @CannataNFL.

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