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  1. Code?

    So I'm playing the highrate server alot. How do I get swire crystal and what's the giftcodes? Thanks
  2. Forum Registration

    The codes are not working on the mobile. Also where to get swire crystal? Also how to get 20m+ power? I have max reset 15, grade 12 items +20. But my power is at 3m only.
  3. Question

    Where to get swire crystal? Cant see it on market
  4. Bugged Gold

    Nevermind its fix now. I just bought alot of gold again and it went to normal.
  5. Bugged Gold

    Hi, I bought alot of gold in mall shop cause I was refining some items but all of the sudden it became negative. My in game name is Nos. Help please I cant refine anything because of the negative gold.
  6. Forum Registration

    Char name Nos. Anyway how to get free codes here?